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An Innovative Approach to Early Detection

New digital technology is gradually replacing traditional film-based mammograms the same way digital cameras have replaced film cameras. Mammography remains the best method of early breast cancer detection. However, traditional film screen mammography is limited in its ability to detect some cancers, especially those occurring in women with radiographically “dense” breasts. For this reason, extensive efforts to improve mammography have occurred. Digital mammography offers theoretical advantages compared to film-screen mammography cancer detection.

The high resolution and contrast needed to produce excellent quality mammography imaging exceeds all other areas of digital imaging. Patients undergoing digital mammographic examinations will see few differences during the examination itself. The examination room includes a small TV monitor which allows the mammographic technologist to view the mammogram in several seconds instead of developing films and waiting ten minutes to see an image. Breast compression, unfortunately, is still required to produce optimal images at the lowest possible radiation dose.

While the procedure for taking the images is the same for both types of mammograms, digital images are recorded and processed on a computer. Unlike film-based mammograms, digital images can be enlarged and manipulated to get a closer look at the breast tissue and any suspicious areas.