Psychiatric Care Appointments

Health Insurance Appointments
Private Consultation

Health Insurance Appointments

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

This initial evaluation appointment with Dr. Trivedi includes a thorough review of your symptoms to determine your diagnoses.  At this appointment, he will provide you with a comprehensive MindBody treatment plan customized to your specific diagnoses and life situations. He will address your questions and prescribe medications, if and as necessary.  He will recommend non-medicinal treatments that will lead to the best outcome for your diagnosed problems in the shortest time.

Follow-up with Brief Therapy

This is a follow up appointment that includes medication management and Brief Therapy for key issues in your life.

Medication Management

This appointment is for medication management only.

MindBody Medical Consultation

This consultation complements the medical care you receive with your primary care provider for your chronic health problems such as hypertension, COPD, Asthma, Allergies, headaches, fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and obesity.

During this consultation, you will receive a complete MindBody Treatment Plan specifically designed for your set of chronic health problems to guide you towards achieving your optimal health.

Using his specialization and advanced training in MindBody medicine at Harvard Medical School and his extensive experience in MindBody integration, Dr.Trivedi educates you about the effects of stress on your mind and body and trains you to prevent and manage stress by activating your inborn natural mechanisms for restoring health and maintaining wellness. MindBody integration has been shown to decrease the overall need for medications and achieve lasting good health and wellness. (Click here to learn more about MindBody CareTM Model)

Pre-surgical Clearance

This appointment is for obtaining an evaluation for a pre-surgical psychiatric clearance as requested by your doctor.  These evaluations are routinely required prior to a variety of surgical procedures, especially Bariatric Surgery and Spinal Cord Stimulator implant.  We provide prompt appointments and same-day reports to your doctor.

Private Consultation

Initial Evaluation: As Described Above
Follow-up with Brief Therapy: As Described Above
Medication Management: As Described Above
MindBody Medical Consultation: As Described Above
Spinal Cord Stimulator Clearance: As Described Above

Holistic Alternative Consultation
  • Initial Evaluation: For those interested in non-medicinal alternatives in their treatment, this evaluation provides a MindBody evaluation with a review of appropriate Complimentary and Alternative treatment options.  The treatments incorporate principles of MindBody Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutrition/Neutraceuticals, Ayurveda and Yoga.
  • Follow-up: Continuation of Holistic Alternative Treatments
Balanced Solutions™ Life Coaching

Life coaching will tap into your deepest awareness to uncover your hidden personal insights for practical integration into business environments and home life which create productive, balanced, joyous and inspired living.

Key aspects of Balanced Solutions™ Life Coaching are:
  • Insight development for balanced life management = Less Stress through improved self-awareness and self-management.
  • Integration of MindBody Healing methods = Naturally improved Health and wellness by realignment and activation of inborn self-healing mechanisms.
  • Inspiration for Highest Life Potential = Self-sustaining success & happiness in life through higher Self-awareness.
Executive Life Coaching:  Corporate Executive life requires healthy and well functioning individuals to grapple at the demands of corporate world.  It usually places unavoidable stress on one’s mental and emotional functioning.  All too often, the well-adjusted executives need guidance to secure personal insights to do better; sometimes, the executive feels off balance and at a loss of focus and direction in the bigger picture of their life.  At times like this, getting expert guidance is the key to balanced progress.

Dr. Trivedi’s approach to executive coaching uses conflicts as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.  He will guide you to discover and develop your hidden potentials by uncovering your intuitive wisdom to solve business and life challenges with breakthrough results.

This consultation will provide you with an overview of major areas of your life and guide you to find your best directions for solving problems in each area based on an assessment of your skills and deficiencies in each area.  His unique blend of coaching delivers insight with inspiration to executives seeking to integrate Balanced Solutions that lead to higher levels of health, happiness and a balance between professional success and personal fulfillment.

Personal Life Coaching:  Life is a long journey.  Oftentimes, one needs to find a deeper meaning and purpose to their life to do more in life or to get more out of life; just as well, from time to time, one can feel lost in their journey.  Whether you are looking for more from life or feel stuck in your circumstances and emotions, getting expert advice that guides you to a more secure place in your journey is essential.  Dr Trivedi guides individuals to develop personal insights that lead them to achieve their highest potential for success and happiness in life.

This consultation will provide you with an overview of each major areas of your life and give you directions towards solving problems in each area based on an assessment of your skills and deficiencies in each area.  Using his unique qualifications and over a decade of experience, Dr. Trivedi will guide you to be in control of your journey to a better place.  With Balanced Solutions customized for you, he will guide you to breakthrough insight and confidence that creates a more fulfilling life.

Medico-Legal Psychiatric Assessment  

This assessment is performed when legal proceedings require a psychiatric evaluation.  It is also known as Independent Psychiatric Evaluation.

As a double board-certified psychiatrist with over a decade of experience in providing assessments and treatments for individuals and families, Dr. Trivedi is uniquely suited to provide this service.  After completion of this assessment, Dr. Trivedi will prepare a detailed medico-legal report that includes answers to specific questions posed by the attorney.  The report is prepared for use as supporting evidence for the courts.

We accommodate the time-sensitive nature of these evaluations and provide prompt appointments followed by timely preparation and delivery of a medical report with treatment recommendations to the attorney’s office.

MindSpa™ Consultation

Learn to ‘Be’ in the present and harmonize yourself with the true joy of life in any situation.

As an expert MindBody physician with advanced training at Harvard Medical School, Dr Trivedi trains individuals to discover their total MindBody tranquility experience. Furthermore, Dr. Trivedi is a scholar of the original Sanskrit texts of Yoga.  These texts capture the totality of the human experience to guide one to their own awareness of being human in the present moment. He uses the insights provided by these texts of ancient wisdom to bring you to your experience of ‘being in the present’. He integrates latest technological and scientific discoveries of the west with the timeless wisdom of the east to teach and train each individual to experience the essence of being human, a relaxed and aware state of simply ‘being.’

In this state of complete calmness, one remains completely aware of the present.  This presence lifts one out of emotional stress. This state of inner balance also activates one’s intuition for higher problem solving as well as strengthens emotional management capacity to add new height of experiencing all relationships.  By practicing inner awareness and balance, one is able to achieve calmness and a sense of control in their outer life.  Consequently, life becomes a pleasant journey of emotional balance, natural prosperity and self-sustaining happiness.

During your first session, Dr. Trivedi will guide you to recognize your complete self at the level of your Mind and Body.  In subsequent sessions, he will teach you different methods and techniques to achieve total relaxation in your body and mind. With regular practice of the relaxation techniques, you will begin to recognize the endless cycles of reactive living that accumulates stress in your life.  Using these skills, you will also learn to break the cycles of stress and respond to life with awareness that creates peace and prosperity.  These consultations are generally conducted at your own pace and have the potential to transform your health, lead you to self-sustaining happiness and bring you to a whole new experience of life.

Advanced Yoga and Meditation Consultation

For those that want to go from ‘doing’ yoga to the next level of ‘Being’ a yogi, this consultation offers individualized direction and guidance for aligning the mind and the body.  Based on his study of the ancient Sanskrit texts of yoga, and of the teachings of modern masters of spiritual wisdom, Dr. Trivedi will guide you to create a customized yoga practice that will take you to a new height of life experience.