Julie Dumois-Sands, MA, MSW, LCSW

Julie Dumois-Sands, MA, MSW, LCSW, a PhD student- at AACS, received her Master’s of Social Work, Master’s of Arts, Women’s Studies and BA from USF is also a 500 Yoga Teacher Training by Lotus Pond and 250 Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Planet.

She studies Mindfulness Based-Cognitive Therapy as theory in both method and methodology, EMDR as theory in both method and methodology and Trauma related to life threatening and life changing diagnoses. Trauma that is both big “T” and little “t” and assisting people in integrating and moving past them.

She studies the integration of art, movement, healthy life style choices, writing, meditation, rational thinking, healthy relationship skills, and biblio-therapy in creating a healthy and resilient life for pre-teens, teenagers and their parents.

She specialized in clinical training in female sexual dysfunction, gender identity disorders, sexual trauma, healthy and pro-sexual education for families and their children, helping clients clarify and work with socio-cultural factors in sexual behavior and health, interpersonal and family interaction around issues of sexual difficulties. As well as assists clients in dealing with depression and anxiety, substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment, especially with women and teens.

She also studies Mother-daughter issues including body image, communication, individuation, and others patterns of functioning

A Message from Julie

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