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Assess Your Vision with an Eye Test at Florida Medical Clinic

Eye Test

If you’re concerned about blurry or declining vision, an eye test can help you learn more about the health of your eyes. At Florida Medical Clinic, we offer comprehensive vision tests for patients of all ages, exploring a variety of factors to help you determine if you might need glasses or corrective lenses.

During your eye test, you will have several different assessments, including:

  • An eye muscle test – You’ll be asked to watch a moving object so that your ophthalmologist can measure your muscle control and coordination.
  • A color vision test – You’ll be asked to distinguish different patterns on a chart so that your ophthalmologist can test your color perception.
  • A visual field test – You’ll be asked to complete a series of simple tasks, such as covering one eye and letting your ophthalmologist know when a moving item comes into view, to determine if you have any issues with your peripheral vision.
  • A visual acuity test – You’ll be asked to identify different letters so that your ophthalmologist can determine how clearly you can see. You may be asked to read letters off a chart in the distance, or a small card held at reading distance.
  • A refraction assessment – You’ll be asked to look through a mask-line device containing several different lenses. This helps your ophthalmologist determine whether you need glasses, and if so, the type of lenses you may need.

After completing these assessments and telling your ophthalmologist about any vision problems that you’ve been experiencing, you’ll be given the results of your eye test as well as any applicable recommendations for glasses or contact lenses. In most cases, this assessment will take less than an hour, and you’ll leave with a clear idea of what you can do to help address your vision concerns.

To schedule your eye test with Florida Medical Clinic’s Department of Ophthalmology, contact us today. We’ll contact you within a business day to confirm your appointment.

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