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Family Medicine Slim & Healthy

Weight Loss Program

Powerful Way of Life: The Science of Staying Slim and Healthy

Isn’t it time to look and feel your best? Tired of unhealthy yo-yo diets that are harmful? Fighting excessive weight?

Is It Time to Look and Feel Your Best?

With over 25 years of exceptional and passionate care, Dr. Sirchia understands health is your ultimate asset. He and his dedicated team know that your optimal well-being requires a coordinated and comprehensive approach.

Making an Invaluable Difference in Your Life

Over the years, we have developed the concept of “total health strategies for life” that integrates the science of traditional medicine and wisdom of preventative strategies. With this, we emphasize and optimize prevention, wellness, and longevity in the effort to prevent, reverse, and treat disease processes.

Blessed with an exceptional staff, our team is committed to your health. Our motivation is simply the desire to help people and putting them first. Delivering a genuine and compassionate experience, the goal is to personalize and customize a plan aimed at helping you achieve your personal best to make the most of your life.

Our expertise includes acute and chronic disease management such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease, men and women’s health, complete family care, urgent care, and advanced nutrition. We are always ready for urgent appointments and facilitate same day appointments. We have earned the confidence and trust of the medical community and will coordinate your care with qualified specialists in the area. We have access and work closely with all major hospitals in the Tampa Bay area to deliver the best care for you and your family.

What Should You Expect?

Your weight loss and healthy future begins with Frank A. Sirchia, M.D. Dr. Sirchia and his dedicated health management team will chart a course to help you achieve your best body and best life. Our team is ready to personalize a path to maximize weight loss and overall health.

Here are some things you can expect with our Slim and Healthy program:

  • Physician Supervised Weight Loss
  • Evidence based cutting edge science
  • Life changing expert counseling
  • Individualized safe, speedy weight loss
  • Nutritional counseling and education
  • Customized fitness for more energy and vitality
  • Create a true foundation of health for life
  • Exclusive nutritional and body composition formulas
  • Lifetime of support and maintenance

How Can I Get Started?

Simply choose from one of the following programs to begin charting a customized path:

  • Weight loss management and lean body composition
  • Total health and fitness management
  • Body detox / energy and vitality
  • Youth and longevity

No More Excuses.

Step into a world of possibilities and expert advice. Achieve your weight loss and fitness with confidence under total guidance of a doctor with certified instructors and comprehensive nutritional and supplementation systems for total health.

Contact Dr. Frank A. Sirchia’s Family Medicine practice at Florida Medical Clinic to schedule a thorough examination and begin the journey to a leaner, happier life. Dr. Sirchia’s practice is located in Riverview, FL, a brief drive from Brandon and Valrico.