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Family Medicine Diabetes

Diabetes Specialist in Riverview, Florida


Dr. Sirchia’s philosophy for good health is a foundation steeped in good nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. Unfortunately in today’s busy world, convenience has replaced conviction when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in various medical ailments, including diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes has seen a resurgence due in part to the aforementioned lifestyle and dietary changes, such as an increased consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates, along with a sedentary lifestyle.

Dr. Sirchia’s Approach to Diabetes

Part of Dr. Sirchia’s philosophy to overall health is annual wellness visits. Maintaining these visits can allow Dr. Sirchia to identify early onset diabetes and prevent it or reverse it with healthy lifestyle choices. Managing your weight and exercise is of paramount importance. Good nutrition and a healthy diet will also keep diabetes in check. Dr. Sirchia and his team will work with you to identify areas of opportunity to improve your overall health and lifestyle.

As part of your diabetes management plan, we will incorporate our staff Dietician, who will be able to provide educational tools and guidance for healthy eating and nutrition.

Click here to contact Dr. Frank A. Sirchia at Florida Medical Clinic to schedule a thorough physical examination and diabetic screening. Dr. Sirchia’s practice is located in Riverview, FL, a brief drive from Brandon and Valrico, FL.