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"Dr. Gunn saved my life."

Dr. Gunn saved my life.  Last summer, I was bleeding so badly from fibroids and my OB/GYN didn’t seem to think the amount of blood was significant. I went to Dr. Gunn because I was dizzy and nauseous! Without even taking blood count or anything she said, “Go now to ER.” I listened and thank goodness I did! My hemoglobin was 4.6 and I had to have five bags of blood. She just knew.

- Dena F.

Dr. Gunn was born in Canada. She completed her residency in 1991 and has been practicing Family Medicine since that time, joining Florida Medical Clinic in 2009.  She loves running, riding her motorcycle, and playing violin. Dr. Gunn, with her Wonder Pug Natasha, enjoys spending her free time with friends and family and appreciates a great sense of humor.

  • Office Hours

    Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

  • Medical Education

    University of Manitoba
    Manitoba, Canada

  • Internship/Residency

    University of Manitoba
    Manitoba, Canada

  • Professional Activities

    American Board of Family Physicians
    Florida Medical Association
    College of Family Physicians of Canada

  • Scope of Service

    Annual Wellness Visits
    Weight Loss Counseling
    Smoking cessation
    Pre-operative evaluation
    Urgent Care Services
    Acute Care Visits
    Hospital Follow-up
    STI Screening
    Well Woman Visit
    Family Planning Services
    General Adolescent Care (Age 12+)
    Nutritional Counseling
    Chronic Disease Management
    Nebulizer Treatments
    General Adult Mental & Behavioral Health Services
    Repair of Lacerations
    Minor surgery (removal or mole, warts, cysts, ingrown nail, etc.)
    Minor injury care (cuts, burns, bruise, sprain, etc.)
    Abscess drainage
    Suturing and suture removal
    Diagnostic testing
    Laboratory Services
    Joint injections
    Transitional Care from Adolescent to Adult
    Skin biopsies and treatments

  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Family Medicine

    College of Family Physicians of Canada; Fellow

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