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Bunion Surgery at Florida Medical Clinic

Bunion Surgery

When conservative bunion treatment is ineffective, surgery may become an option. While conservative treatment can only help minimize bunion symptoms, surgical treatment can help address the condition itself. This can often provide long-term relief that non-surgical treatments cannot provide.

At Florida Medical Clinic, we offer several forms of bunion surgery. Although we do encourage our patients to explore conservative therapies before considering surgery, we specialize in minimally invasive and reconstructive procedures for foot and ankle pain.

The team at Florida Medical Clinic offers several forms of bunion surgery, including:

  • Surgery to realign the big toe joint into proper position
  • Surgery to remove the bunion without realigning the joint
  • Surgery to correct the damaged joint and reinforce it with screws or metal plates

Our podiatrists consult with each patient to help them find the treatment options that are most appropriate for their needs. And, each patient’s treatment plan is instantly added to his or her electronic medical record, which is accessible by all Florida Medical Clinic providers. When a patient visits with a general practitioner, physical therapists, pain management specialist, or any other physician under the Florida Medical Clinic, his or her medical history and treatment plan will be available for easy review.

To consult with one of our experienced podiatrists regarding a potential bunion surgery (or to get recommendations for conservative bunion treatments that you can try before having an operation), contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

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