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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure in which excess tissue, fat, and skin are removed from uncomfortably large breasts. This common procedure can help alleviate the physical discomfort and emotional burden of having heavy, disproportional breasts, and can also greatly improve a person’s posture. Additionally, a breast reduction can help individuals breathe and exercise more easily. The results of the surgery are typically permanent.

At Florida Medical Clinic, we understand that patients may be interested in breast reduction surgery for a number of highly personal reasons. We’re committed to making sure each patient is fully educated on the available options and receives the right care for his or her needs. A reduction may be ideal for:

  • Women who have breasts that are disprortionately large compared to their body shape
  • Women who have experienced a significant change in breast size after pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Men who have pronounced breast tissue that affects their body image or self confidence

Women who are still having children and/or breastfeeding, have inadequate elasticity in their skin, or are young enough that they are still undergoing breast development may not be the best candidates for breast reduction surgery, although our team can help them explore additional options to help with their situation.

With several highly experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons on our team, we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible outcomes. We use a variety of advanced techniques to create smooth, evenly shaped breasts with natural-looking nipples, while limiting the potential for scars and sagging as much as possible. We tailor each patient’s surgical plan to his or her desired postoperative breast size and shape, as well as his or her current symptoms and lifestyle.

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